White Makoti Who Got Engaged To A Sotho Man Caused A Stir With Photos On Social Media

When a picture of an international couple appeared on social media, people started talking about it in the comments section after they spotted something else.

Couple with different ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs is very uncommon, especially in South Africa, so it makes sense that their romantic photo went viral online.





The white woman is apparently engaged to a Sotho man based on the clothes she is sporting. She can be seen wearing Basotho clothes in the picture below, and she is also shown with her black soul partner in the other.

It was considered necessary to share this sight with the public on social media by a person going by the username “Jambase Hlati@Melitson89”.

Around 10:23 on October 1, 2022, the caption said, “Utsiki is playing with the whites while you are still in the dark!”