Thuli Phongolo’s collection of luxury cars and Net worth impresses Mzansi

South African media personality Thuli Phongolo lives a flamboyant life that most people are in envy of. The superstar is always on her grind and making big moves as her career keeps peaking, and she is always trending. Because of her vast business empire, Thuli Phongolo gets to own a multi-million garage filled with expensive cars.




Thuli Phongolo broke the internet when her booking fees and riders were revealed in June. Fans were shocked to see how much it cost to book the DJ for a performance. She charges R20 000 as her booking fee and demands that she gets a security guard when she moves around during her performance. Thuli also requires expensive alcohol and dilutions as her rider. Many of her fans said she is booked because she has many followers, but she does not have talent.
Thuli Phongolo
Thuli Phongolo-Image Source(Instagram/ThuliPhongolo)
Thuli Phongolo’s business empire

The star broke out as an actress in the South African scene when she was only 17 years old, playing the role of Zama on Tshisa. The most significant role that she is known for on television is that of Namhla Diale in Generation The Legacy, and recently she was part of The Wife cast playing the role of Lerato, who was Hlomu’s best friend. On top of all this, she is also a sought-after brand ambassador and also a model.
Thuli Phongolo’s luxury collection of cars
Thuli Phongolo
Thuli Phongolo-Image Source(Instagram/Thuli Phongolo)

The actress is rumoured to have a net worth of R17 million and lives a life that proves it. She is no stranger to driving behind the wheels of luxury vehicles, some of which she owns and others she hires when she is out on gigs. The car Thuli usually shows off is a bus she uses when she is attending gigs all over South Africa.
Thuli Phongolo and her mom’s car
Thuli Phongolo and her mom’s car-Image Source(Instagram/ThuliP)

Phongolo made the news when she showed off on social media that she had bought herself a Mercedes AMG that was bright red in colour and cost over R1 million rand. She also trended at one point when she went and bought her mother a Mercedes Benz as a gift to thank her for all set had done for her birthday in the past. When Thuli Phongolo broke out as an actress, she dated an actor Rafael Griffiths who opened up about how they were of different classes as Thuli already drove around in expensive cars and even borrowed him her car from time to time.