Thembi’s behavior on the road looking at her tickets is not good at all

Malcom’s helper Thembi is R5k deep in traffic fines but is so chill about it when her employer Malcolm confronted her about it she told him to contact his connection and sort it out.


I love Thembi and Malcom so much that Iaugh before watching the movie and there is nothing scares Thembi as long as she got Malcolm by her side she be like so, fix it I’m telling you Malcolm will do as his beloved Thembi tells him to do, that’s just pure loveI wish all employers were like Malcom towards his employee he take them like family they wake up free and happy before they start their duties of the day, the love he give to Aus Thembi is so unconditional, wherever or whatever she does she knows he has her back but I don’t think this is a laughing matter being a menace on the road is dangerous and irresponsible I could not care less about their social media following everyone today wants to be a famous blogger, this type of behaviour is not acceptable