Teboho got away with murder and was supported by Mulalo in Skeem Saam

When Teboho was a new bride to Mulalo she was treated as a commoner then she developed evil actions into her veins. Mukondeleni the grand mother to Mulalo was afraid of Teboho even to eat the food she cooked. All the time she was thinking the worse to do to make her life easier. Remember she even tried to kill Thandaza who was married Ranthumeng with the jealous that controlled her life.

When Mulalo is always away and lied to her that its duty call, she started planning how she will caught her cheating husband because she was suspected that there is the wrongdoing that was done by him. One day she followed him into a hotel where Mulalo was meeting with his second wife Mishumi. Remember Mishumi was from a Royal house not a commoner like Teboho. She got married and have a daughter but she decided to go back home to be safe from Teboho. When she followed him he discovered that he is meeting Mishumi without her being known. She hide in the robe of a hotel and heard everything they said and do. One day she approach her husband and told him all, and she pretended to be okay to allow them to stay all of them under one roof. Mulalo asked him that are you okay with the whole arrangement she ssid yes but because they know her that she can do whatever it suit her they were afraid. Mishumo decided to leave and told her that I dont want to be killed like the Mfareni.


Teboho poisoned Mfareni after they didn’t agreed with something. When she saw that she’s dead she called her husband to intervene. Mulalo came and rescued her by burying Mfareni at night. The reason they didn’t caught was Mulalo was using the state car not his. She was covered up by her husband by lying. Remember Mfareni died when Mulalo was sent away Vhangani to do other duties so when he came back his wife was dead and they lied that she was playing fafi so she owed people money.

Teboho was thinking of leaving because she was afraid to go to jail, but Mulalo said dont go every tracks have been covered. No one will suspected that we know how she died.

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