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best short bob hairstyle ideas 2017

matching shape and fringe style. this hairstyle is great for naturally straight hair. I know many classic women and business ladies rocking this cool style in monotone blonde, brown and black shades. If you look for a more eye-catching idea then dye it in a trendy copper hue.

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big box braids hairstyle for women 2017

Big box braids look very nice simply loose, this showing the whole length. Anyways you can try styling them in a high bun or ponytail. It is nice to have some front braids fixed on one side. And for sure you are free to create braided hairstyles from box braids, they look very eye-catching I must say. Half updo hairstyles can also find their place in your hairstyles row cause they can look nice and they won’t create the huge bun on the top, thus looking more modest. And at last you mist know that big box braids are easy to maintain. Just soft shampoo and some oil to take care of your head skin and that’s it.

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