“Soft Life Album Party” Mzansi is not happy after seeing Mr Smeg’s recent photo in public.

A party is a social gathering, usually held in someone’s home, where people enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, dancing, talking, or playing games.


Mr. Smeg is well-known for owning a well-known high-priced kettle brand. He continued doing that to a point where he got some attention from the Twitter community and company brands. He was one of the Pearl Thusi fans who got the opportunity to go to dinner with her. Mr. Smeg is now busy with music and hasn’t posted any food content in a long time, but he surprised everyone today by sharing a picture of his frozen dinner. People were not impressed because they are known for buying expensive items. One user went on to say budget party. We understand it’s Sunday, so that’s why everyone is having a good time out there. Share your own opinion on this post. Don’t forget to like and comment on this article.