Skeem Saam: MaNtuli Know About Pretty’s pregnancy See What She Did

Beautiful has taken a choice subsequent to understanding that she may be ignorant regarding the dad of her kid. Not many months prior Pretty choose to go joburg as opposed to remaining behind with Katlego to manage her family matters. This made her end up in an awful circumstance were she wound up with a rich man named Lehasa.

She remained in Johannesburg just to return forcibly. Whereby Katlego looked into her visit to Johannesburg. Recently she is giving surprising indications around the house. Leaving Kwaito dubious with regards to what is really going on. Rather than coming clean with her sibling Pretty deceived him in the face saying it isn’t her who’s pregnant.

She painted Eunice as the person who is pregnant. Much to her dismay that Kwaito will get a lead from Eunice about the cash he gave her. This time Kwaito is nearer to discovering reality with regards to his sister. While Pretty is concealing reality without Lehasa realizing odds are good that Kwaito may never take the news well.

Will Kwaito educate Mantuli concerning his sister’s pregnancy? Leave your remark and offer on the off chance that you figure he will do as such.