Skeem Saam: Kgosi betrayed Eunice

Eunice Nkadimeng regrets of trusting Kgosi and give him a place to stay, now Kgosi stole Eunice’s money and her furniture, she will realises that Emkay was right when he was warning him about Kgosi, because he is very dangerous, Eunice father does not see anything wrong about Kgosi stealing Eunice’s finuture, because he discovered the truth about Eunice’s money.

Actually it is clear that Kgosi sent by Lehasa Maphosa to destroy Eunice Nkadimeng since it was not easy for him to destroy her, remember Eunice Nkadimeng uses the money that Fannie stole from Lehasa Maphosa.

Eunice Nkadimeng was supposed to spend that money wisely so that Lehasa Maphosa could not know that Eunice Nkadimeng get her money, he was going to think that he is working so that is why she has money.

So Lehasa Maphosa heard Emkay before talking about Eunice Nkadimeng about Fannie’s money and Lehasa Maphosa go to Eunice and confront her, but Eunice Nkadimeng refused, so suddenly she is rich it was obvious to Lehasa Maphosa that she is using Fannie’s money that is why Lehasa Maphosa wanted to know where her Money come from.

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