Sivenathi Mabuya talks about using her platform to inspire hopeful high rollers in the industry

“Sive” Sivenathi Since her breakthrough performance as Angela-Jane Elison (AJ) in the SABC3 soap drama High Rollers in 2016, Mabuya-Bukani has gone a long way. The actress has appeared in a number of well-known Mzansi productions. Although she has a number of other projects in the works, she is excited to have joined the cast of Shaka iLembe, a Mzansi Magic production, as chief Senzangakhona’s first wife. Sive expressed her pride at being able to convey such a well-known narrative while on the set of the drama series, which is slated to premiere in July of next year. “More than anything, it’s the anticipation of learning about the role and the size of the production. My first tongue is Xhosa, and I am Xhosa.




I took it upon myself to do my best since I knew I had to give it everything I had, especially with the language and culture. Sive has been given more opportunities since using her Instagram timeline as a platform to advertise her talent. She is appreciative that her posts have received encouragement from budding artists. “At first, I thought that participating in acting challenges on social media would help people get to know me better as a performer, but I soon realised that I was also inspiring aspiring actors and others to enter the field. I was pleased that I could do it and that it had somehow morphed into my thing. Since I began doing this, producers have contacted me or followed me.

I’m hoping it will lead to further opportunities for me. In addition, Sive plans to explore further areas of the performing and film industries. “I enjoy discovering new things about my capabilities. A producer, director, or writer is how I would most like to see myself. Never do I wish to confine myself. I’d like to try out different employment in the sector. Sive expresses her gratitude for having a supportive husband who has been present to honor her work successes.

“The fact that he is aware of what I do is beautiful. He permits me to exist there without entering it. He’s trying to avoid making it about himself. Sive hopes that despite the variety of roles she has portrayed, people would remember her for being genuine. “I make an effort to stand out organically. to embody my true self in new ways. I think that resonates with my audience because it’s crucial for any artist to have something that makes them stand out.