Sis Thembi Left Mzansi Happy After She Revealed The Reason Behind This Woman’s Sickness In #Dlozlami

The Ancestors are complaining,they want them to do the right things. The underground gang will make sure they get what they want. #Dlozlami was little bit ofna complicated indaba. Today Sis Thembi has lost shame. All we hear is Minah and Fanie and what what Mkhulu did. Sis Thembi has proven us once again after she helped his woman who wasn’t recognized by her other in law

After so many years a man has to pay the sins of his father. His father and the mother are now giving sicknesses to the daughter in law for something she did not know of. His father died with paying the full lobola to the wife.




Ancestors are sometimes very toxic even on the otherside before they tell you stuff, they rather punish you and block your paths for your grandfather’s mistake of not paying lobola that you know nothing of. They block and attack until you feel the pain.

The woman went to the initiation school for nothing, they are asking who’s Dlozi does she have. These surname chats are always tricky, if you don’t do the right thing on time, they will block and attack you. She’s been through alot, we just hope Sis Thembi helps her so that she can heal and recover.

One thing about Ancestors, they will demand the impossible. Goat, hat ad stick should always be there as a light to his grand father.