She must not drink it-Fans reacts to the Photo of Zahara and potential Ali Boy

It seem like it will take years and years before the Afro pop wins back Mzansi’s trust, mzansi has always been judgemental to the singer due to the surfaces of her drunk episodes displayed on videos

Where she was named an alcoholic.just few months ago the singer alleged to be about to lose her home due to failure to keep up with the payment.

She even pledged to her followers to help her raise the funds. Many were not having it.

They say God will never abandon his beloved child- it seems like the Queen of pop has finally found the Moses of her heart,

Someone to see her cross the Red sea and reach the promised land. The singer seems to have found love in the hand of Ali Boy,



Who not so long ago was clashing Mr Fashion Killa Somizi Mhlongo, claiming Mhlongo was sexually harassing him.

Where he provided the screenshot of their conversation on his Twitter Account, asking Som-Som to love him alone.

The two shared the very intimate and cosy photo taken in the bedroom with Zahara still in the sheets.

The photo sparked the dating rumours in the social media. It is still unknown if the two are dating or that was just an innocent photo of a brother helping a fallen sister by bringing her money and flowers in the bedroom.

However Zahara’s fans were only concern about how she is going to spend the money, since she is in debts.

Check some of the reaction of her fan below