Shauwn Mkhize: Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence

By the looks of things, it appears Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize has taken a punch at the mother of her two grandkids Sithelo Shozi.

Its an obvious fact that Sithelo and MaMkhize are at present not really agreeing, after Sithelo uncovered Andile Mpisane for purportedly manhandling while they were still seeing someone.

MaMakhize put out an announcement rejecting that she saw Andile misuse Sithelo in her presence. “I have been made mindful of claims made against my child, Andile Mpisane by Sithole Shozi on her Instagram account,” the assertion peruses.




She proceeded, “I don’t mess with these allegations given my set of experiences areas of strength for and against orientation based savagery. I don’t and won’t ever support viciousness in any structure or nature.”

“I might want to completely express that neither myself nor my family have been observer to any supposed maltreatment. These charges are bogus and slanderous,” read piece of the assertion.

Taking to her Instagram page, MaMkhize shared an update about her football obligations and alluded to why she has been quiet about Sithelo’s charges. “President revealing for football obligations. One thing about me, I will constantly keep it moving. Statement of the day: Don’t squander your words on individuals who merit your quiet, some of the time the most remarkable thing you can do is to not express anything by any means. Have an extraordinary Thursday fam.” she composed.

Sithelo has said thanks to her devotees for supporting her after she began a request on to get an insurance request against her child daddy. At first Sithelo believed that the appeal should arrive at 25K marks, yet perceiving how quick it arrived at the objective, she put forth the objective to 75K, thus far she has acquired over 50K allies.

She said thanks to every individual who marked the request, saying misuse casualties should make some noise for others to follow. “Much thanks to you to each and every individual who set aside some margin to sign the appeal, it has done incredibly well and surpassed every one of our assumptions, it certainly will fill its need,” she composed. “I’ve understood that it is so natural to say or energize everybody on revolting against their past injuries, things they might be going through even right now, yet no one truly sets you up for the backfire that accompanies it. We are genuinely a major contributor to the issue as well, tragically. We persistently make it so difficult for individuals to recount their accounts and departure these previous injuries. I most definitely, stand in my reality and will constantly diminish any commotion around it.”