“See” what South African women are doing to help MaShelembe after seeing the heart breaking episode

It is good thing seeing women supporting each other and standing together. South African women they are so angry after seeing the Mnakwethu episode where Mr Langa was abusing his first wife.

‘Mnakwethu’ watchers were left enraged after the abuse of first wife MaShelembe and the mentality and ‘haughtiness of the fancy woman’.

Mnakwekthu’ watchers were left rankled after the most recent scene. Picture: Twitter

Regardless of whether you don’t care for the show, you just can’t keep your eyes off it. This is the way Mnakwethu watchers feel each week after every scene.

Wednesday night’s scene on Mzansi Wizardry left numerous watchers in tears after the way Langa, from KwaZulu-Natal, treated his first wife and how he decided to acquire his second wife the image.

Facilitated by uThando Nes’thembu polygamist, Musa Mseleku, the show looks to assist wedded men with presenting isithembu (polygamy) into their families.





Langa needed Musa to help him in asking his wife, MaShelembe, to acknowledge his courtesan MaSithole as his second wife.

Langa then, at that point dropped a sensation, disclosing to Musa that he had effectively paid lobola for MaSithole and that his first wife thinks nothing about it. He additionally uncovered that MaSithole was four months pregnant.

Watchers were likewise shocked by MaSithole’s position and comprehension of isithembu. She said if Langa got a third wife, it would be a dealbreaker and that the wife expected to regard her first.

At the point when Langa and Musa stood up to MaShelembe, she would not allow her better half to require a second wife.

Watch MaShelembe’s reaction underneath:

Seeing her crying kwenza even indoda to cry. How about we love and regard them bafethu #mnakwethu #mnakwethumzansi

The pain and torment MaShelembe felt was apparent. She felt abused, dishonorable and said Langa had not completed the process of paying lobola for her. She likewise sprang a shock and said she knew that Langa had paid lobola for his escort. MaShelembe couldn’t see how Langa needed isithembu when he can’t stand to deal with her and their family.

Musa was lauded for standing besideMaShelembe and for getting down on Langa for not drawing closer isithembu the correct way. He was likewise a long way from intrigued with MaSithole’s pomposity.

MaSithole said she is the “column” of the family and not the principal wife.

Mnawekthu watchers communicated trust that MaShelembe discovers the solidarity to leave the unfortunate relationship.