See this: Robert Marawa disciplines Masechaba Ndlovu real quick

It is ugly there by the social media street, bulls are up in arms fighting over the memorial service of Anele Ngcongca, because the nation have witnessed the amount of disrespect they received from the Sports, arts and culture minister recently.

Once again, Masechaba Ndlovu landed in hot water on these social media streets. This comes after the TV host, who had been the spokesman for the Department of Leisure, Arts and Culture, unveiled the illness of the mother of Anele Ngcongca to the media, without the permission of the family.

In a tense exchange between her and the sports presenter Robert Marawa, he rebuked her for telling the public that Anele’s mother reportedly had Coronavirus before the family could announce the illness themselves. Masechaba was also pulled to reveal the sum of money that the family had received from various donors who were helping out with the funeral.

Everyone knows that Marawa is one human being who doesn’t hide behind the keypad, but will boldly face you and tell you where you went wrong.

It all began when Robert Marawa called Minister Nathi Mthetwa to be quiet after Anele passed away. This after a follower shared their dissatisfaction at the celebration of Anele in other countries such as Belgium and not South Africa.

That’s where Masechaba stepped in as her position as a spokesperson, and she