Pearl Modiadie and Baby Olivier Bonding Session

The South African media personality, Pearl Modiadie has truly taken to motherhood with fervour! The radio moderator who is generally extremely private about her life has been giving us looks into her nurturing venture. Despite the fact that she flaunts her child kid, Olivier Lewatle, she makes show never to uncover the face and it leaves many thinking about what he resembles.

Pearl has kept all parts of parenthood serene, particularly her pregnancy, which was reported legitimately from her well after she had really conceived an offspring. We possibly discovered the name and the sexual orientation when she did the nursery uncover. She shared on her Instagram post that “This is where most of our bonding time takes place and I couldn’t have created this space without”.


The fans cannot wait to see more baby photographs of baby Olivier and Mommmy bonding session.Many Pearly enjoy her motherhood journey and nurture that beautiful heart.