Opinion: Is Mokgotso M and Arianna Katt twins?

People are confusing the actress Makgotso and the John vuli gate girl, they saying they look alike. Most are saying they thought the John Vuli gate girl was Makgotso because of the way they both structured, they just look like one person.

This post with Makgotso and the young lady’s picture on the side was posted by someone and captioned: “In case you were wondering about her career, she is more than just stocko (dancer). She is also an established actress.”

This statement made a lot of fans curious and somehow got to be seen by the actress, she then replied with a sweet message.

“My friend just sent me this, do you want to know a joke? My mom saw the video and thought it was me. I was so confused, my own mother, I was like how? She was like, those are your legs. Anyway, it’s a compliment, she kills it and she’s hot,” said Makgotso.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/263710550721444/posts/1021894588236366/?sfnsn=scwspwa