(Opinion) Apostle Chiwenga Tells The Truth About Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, People Must listen

Apostle Chiwenga is one of the most powerful apostles in Zimbabwe .People who know him know that when it comes to the things of God he speaks nothing but the truth .He is a man who does not take sides ,he does not care if his message is not welcomed by a number of people .His job is to say what the Lord God has sent him to do .ere is what the man of God had to say about prophet Bushiri and the allegations labelled against him by the government of South Africa .Firstly Apostle Chiwenga said that a Church is not a place to do Investments and sell commodities .If members are going to church they should go to church for one thing and that is for the word of God .The church must create a person to be near Jesus ,teach a person to pray and read the word of God rather than introducing members to investments.

A church is not the right place for doing business ,if you want to do businesses there are many aces and markets for handling business .Apostle Chiwenga went on to say that he blames also the congregation for trusting someone who does not even have a university degree talk more of a secondary education to lead you in to a business .You must go to church only for the word of God , anything more than that is not of God it is now a pure scam .Do you agree with Apostle Chiwenga or not ?