Mzansi dish up bad comments and jealousy on the Queens day, She looks too old to be 26- They said.

It seems mzansi doesn’t appreciate Makhadzis looks and everytime whenere she tries to live her life, they are always going to bring her down. She is a beautiful unique young lady who has prospered in the music industry, and they fail to see that then they judge how she looks. There has been a trending picture on twitter social media where a beautiful picture of makhadzi was posted, ad to wish her happy birthday.



The picture turned into a bad comments post instead of happy birthday wishes, she deserves to be cherished and loved just like everyone. Here is the trending picture of her on the post after it was posted, and people started saying that she looks to old to be 26.

On the comment’s some felt that Makhadzi has achieved a lot at a young age, and that was only through hard work and determination she deserves it.

After the picture was posted a lot of comments came up., here are the screenshots of the comments from twitter.