Muvhango:Fit for Vha-Musanda, inside Gabriel Temudzani(Azwindini) from Muvhango’s Cape Town vacation

Temundzani shares all of his adventures with thousands of his followers on social media and this is no exception.

The actor made sure that he took us around to see the beautiful scenery around him as he walked to have lunch by the beach.

On Muvhango,Gabriel plays the lovable Azwindini Mukwevho and he is definitely not on vacation there. In fact things could be more hectic.




He is currently locked in a fight for The MMC with James Motsamai and also stark in a predicament with Thifhelimbilu who is accusing the Royals of witchcraft and murder. Thifheli has been serving her community service at the Royal Palace as punishment for her accusations against Vha-Kwevho.

She had been bewitching Vhangani in her quest to squeeze more information regarding the death of the children in the village. Thifelimbilu still believes the Royals are guilty of killing the children and making Muthi out of their body parts.

She wants to gain the trust of Vhangani who is very loyal to the Chief. Things are not working out to her favour because her witchcraft has been backfiring since she started it.

Azwindini is the Chief of Thathe,a village in Venda and Gabriel has done a brilliant job of playing Azwindini.