Meet Xoli Mfeka, The South African Star who is trending at the moment

Xolisile mfeka has been making rounds on social media and everyone is talking about her and what she does for a living.

Xoli Mfeka is a South African pornstar and she’s not ashamed about her job. Recently, one tweep asked her whether she’s a pornstar or not, she replied by saying: “Proudly yes”.

This came as a shock to many because she’s one of the few South African pornstars who don’t hide their identities.

After seen her trending, I personally searched her on the net and yes, she is indeed a pornstar and also have uploaded her videos on a porn site I cannot mention at the moment.

Her Twitter account has some few snippets of her shoots with a man wearing a mask while they are doing the deeds.

See pictures below:

What is a porn star?

A Porn star or Pornstar is someone who has sex in photographs, on film/video or in front of a camera for viewer’s entertainment.