Meet Connie Furguson’s Father And Mother (Pictures)

As is customary, the social media Village has become the most convenient means of communicating and connecting with the rest of the globe. It is a tool that celebrities find useful at all times.

Constance “Connie” Furguson, a professional actress, resorted to social media to express her feelings over her father’s 85th birthday.






Connie’s relatives with the enticing dessert were captured in her father’s photographs. Many South Africans were overjoyed by the old individual as a result of this.

Connie was also able to reflect on her mother. “Death be not proud,” it is stated. The remarks are still resonating with many people who have lost loved ones.

The actress talked about her mother’s death and how she always wakes up expecting a message from her.

Another information about Connie Furguson’s father that many of us were unaware of is that he may be a huge Cassper Nyovest fan or that he was or is a boxer.

Nyovest was almost certainly his stage name. Fish Tuelo Masilo is Connie’s father’s full name. He was wearing a white hoodie with the words “Nyovest” inscribed on it.

Not only was the old person thoughtfully recognized, but she also received large gestures of love and respect from her daughter via Instagram.

Connie mentioned how her father was her most significant strength. He was characterized as one-of-a-kind, bombastic in appearance, and a champion because he was a professional boxer.

The nation can now see where Connie gets her inspiration, flexibility, and well-being. Because of Tuelo Masilo, even Connie’s tiny kids, Alicia and Lesedi, have shown signs of fearlessness and energy for well-Ness.