Meet 4 Top SA Celebrities Who Are Real Sangoma

Sangomas are prominent South African celebrities who have achieved international acclaim. In recent years, being a sangoma has brought with it a certain amount of celebrity. Even while being a traditional healer is a tremendous honour, being a celebrity who is also a sangoma is not always regarded as a positive thing.








It is not uncommon for South African celebrities to accept their ancestral calling and undergo ukuthwasa (spiritual emergence) training. This is especially true in the entertainment industry.

Earlier this year, Scoop Makhathini made news for all the wrong reasons when he took a dig at famous sangomas on social media. The well-known television personality slammed celebrities for pretending to be from their ancestors because it has become “fashionable” in the entertainment business to do so.

1. Mlungisi Mathe.

Mlungisi Mathe, who portrays Emkay in the Skeem Saam television series, has stated in an interview with the Daily Sun that he has answered his calling to become a sangoma and is currently pursuing his studies. He revealed in the interview that, in addition to his vocation as a sangoma, he is also a medium and a spiritualist: “I study books, the Bible, and interpret dreams and people’s trips.”

2. Masechaba Ndlovu.

Masechaba Ndlovu, a media celebrity, has accepted her ancestral calling and has also disclosed that she is a qualified sangoma, as she did in February.

Interestingly, this is not a new development, since Masechaba had already intimated in 2019 that she was embarking on an ancestral voyage.

3. Boity Thulo

Several people were shocked when Boity Thulo, a well-known rapper and brand influencer, expressed her ambition to become a sangoma. Boity Thulo shocked the world in 2016 when she disclosed that she was preparing to become a sangoma, a type of traditional medicine practitioner.

4. Kelly Khumalo.

In what appeared to be a startling disclosure, it was revealed that In 2014, a well-known Mzansi Sangoma advised Kelly Khumalo to keep her phone number secret, or else all of her future lovers would perish as a result. According to the sangoma, she would not be able to find peace unless she accepted her responsibilities.

Since then, Kelly Khumalo, a talented singer and media figure, has shared her sangoma experiences with the public. Khumalo once turned to social media to show off her regalia as well as her opinion on the issue of a sangoma, which she later deleted.