Mampintsha’s Fans Attack Babes Wodumo After Using His Account To Promote Her Music

Since the death of her husband, Babes Wodumo has been very active in working on her career and coming back into the entertainment industry as the Babes Wodumo many knew before. Before the passing of her husband, things were not going very well for her career-wise, even though they had a reality TV show that was focused on showing their real personal lives. Many people claimed that her late husband, Mampintsha, was the one who ruined her career because she started being less relevant in the industry and stopped releasing music in the same way she used to.





Now that she is still in mourning of her husband’s death, she has been working on her career, which has left many people by surprise because they believe that now is not the time for her to be working or performing; instead, she should be at home mourning the death of her husband the traditional way. But Babes Wodumo has always been someone who has not allowed the opinions of others to affect her in any way.

After his death, Babes Wodumo was able to gain access to her husband’s phone, and she has been using it, including his social media platforms, which has resulted in many people not being happy about it because they feel like it is weird, especially because it seems like he is the one who is still active on social media.

Babes Wodumo has been working on new music. She recently used her late husband’s Facebook page to promote her music, which resulted in people attacking her and saying that she must use her own social media and that it was creepy and unnecessary.