‘Made in heaven’: Natasha Joubert’s boyfriend’s anniversary message thrills Mzansi

Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert’s boyfriend penned a heartfelt message on their anniversary.

Natasha and her boyfriend Enrico Vermaak had been making all sorts of headlines when Natasha won the Miss South Africa.





Since then, even Enrico has become a celebrity and received so much attention.

On 24 September, the couple celebrated their eighth anniversary, and his message thrilled many fans.

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One fan felt that the couple looked like a match made in heaven.

“Beautiful, a match made in heaven ✨️ 😍 💖”

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Sharing on his Instagram, Enrico showed a side not many fans knew before.

“8 years ago today, fate brought us together, and my heart has been full of gratitude ever since.” she said.

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“Here’s to the beautiful journey we’ve shared, and to many more years of love and memories. I love you endlessly. ❤️” he finished.

Natasha also penned a lengthy message celebrating their eighth anniversary on Instagram.

“8 incredible years together. My forever high school sweet heart.❤️ To forever together.🥰 @enrico.vermaak” she said.

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After Natasha Joubert and her boyfriend shared their anniversary messages, fans congratulated them.

“Congratulations enrico🎉🎉🎉🩵🩵🩵 Happy anniversary both of you🥰”

“Congratulations you are such a beautiful couple ❤️❤️”

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“me and my nandos chicken looking at each other before i eat it:”

“Congratulations! This is one wedding I cannot wait to see. Just know your love is eternal! He supports you so beautifully😍”

“Ahhhhh😍 okay melting right hey how cute…love is always beautiful to behold truly😍…”

“We love him for you forever . Mr Southa bathong 🙌🔥”