Lady Du Hits Back To Mzansi People And Left Them Speechless, See What She Did Today

Lady Du has just caused a stir on social media after the recent post she made on her social media pages . Lady Du is an award winning South African musician who has been in the industry for years. She has been recorded to be one of the best in the industry having millions of followers on her social media pages. She is one of the top booked musicians in South Africa. The music that she creates is said to be the kind that touches a person’s soul. It’s clear that she is really talented.

She has worked with several award winning musicians in the country and she continues to do an exceptional work when it comes to music.She just recently broke up with her partner and Mzansi people are still shocked as they find it hard to believe that they broke up.She just recently caused a frenzy on social media as she hits back to those who were bullying her. After the news of her separation with her partner Andile Mzansi people Grilled her and said that she have everything she has because of him. They said she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her lifestyle if it had not been him.




Today she decided to set the record straight and people were definitely ready for this. She uploaded her old photos on instagram and revealed her achievements to the public. She said she has been living a good life since she was still sixteen and it was all her hard work. At the age sixteen she had her first car and traveled the world after high school. She posted three cars that she bought when she was still young and people are still in disbelief.

She revealed that the fact reason she does not post her things it’s because she does not see the need to. Apparently she even worked at checkers, logistics and radio. At the age of twenty she had already got herself a new house. Mzansi people are finding it hard to believe this. She has warned people to refrain from bullying her and calling her all sorts of names. What is your view on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.