Khuli Chana’s mother-in-law cuts her dreadlocks and looks breathtaking in short hair.

Lamiez Holworthy is television personality, club, radio presenter and DJ. She is currently hosting the music show on Live Amp on SABC 1. She started being a DJ when she was 17 years old. It was not a good time for her as her father’s business failed and her mother got retrenched.

Her mother Imelda Klow despite everything they were going through, made sure that she had the necessary equipments. She went to Boston Media House, where she studied media. She was an underground DJ for years until she joined showbiz. She is now a big star and her mother is very proud.

Lamiez’s mother might be in her 50s but she has swag for days. She even has tattoos, which she was influenced by her daughter. She went with her to work yesterday on Live Amp and she looked breathtaking with her short hair that was dyed in blonde. This woman is beautiful.