Kairo Forbes leaves DJ Zinhle in stitches as she gives her faces, telling that she’s made of money.

No matter what happens in life, every parent just wants to see their child happy. They don’t have to have the whole world but happiness alone is all that matters. Children will always uplift our moods with the theories that they come up with.

DJ Zinhle is raising a queen when it comes to her daughter Kairo Forbes. She might come from rich famous families but Kairo remains humble and very kind. Her calmness makes it hard to believe that she’s just eight years old. The DJ and everyone involved are doing a good job with her.



Besides her level of maturity, she will remain a child at heart. Zinhle shared pictures of her giving her faces. In one of the videos she tells Zinhle that mom stands for made of money. She left her mother in stitches. She is saying the words with so much confidence. We are not surprised that Zinhle just laughed at her.