I bath everyday leave my beard alone: DJ Sbu reacts to scruffy look people make about him

At last DJ Sbu found the need to respond back to claims that he does not take a bath anymore. People on social media have been questioning themselves lately about his hygiene following his sudden change. Years ago Sbusiso Leope was known to be clean and always on point.





Nowadays his actions got people talking about him all over social media, majority of his fans are concerned about his mental health since thru question how much he does not have anymore. DJ Sbu went back to social media to address his followers that there is nothing to worry about him. Instead they should focus more on believing in themselves than questioning about their inner beauty.

Be proud to be who you are, never let them say you are unclean when you show then African beauty he shared. Content creators made his images go viral by showing off his scruffy look all over the internet. When you are Rich advise from the poor makes no sense, no wonder Sbu finds himself clean.