Hulisani Ravele tells us why she no longer do voice-overs

Hulisani RaveleTV host Hulisani Ravele has revealed that she has stopped doing voice-acting jobs, saying she was low-balled in previous voice-acting gigs.“Stating facts is not discouraging aspiring V/O artists. It’s giving them facts and showing them the reality,” said Hulisani.

Hulisani has called out the entertainment industry before.

Fans shared their own experiences, with one fan accusing Hulisani of discouraging young and aspiring voice-over artists.

In a 2017 interview with TshisaLIVE, she opened up about the limitations and failures she experienced as a former child star trying to breakout as a young adult.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, the seasoned radio presenter explained how voice actors who don’t work on contract are short-changed by the industry.