Heritage Day tomorrow: Children of South Africa dress to impress… See photos.

Heritage day is upon us! It is finally that time of the year when people of South Africa wear their finest traditional herbs and grace social media with pictures that would make their ancestors weep with joy.









It is my favourite time of the year but this time my twitter feed was filled with proud moms and dads posting their tiny tots who had gotten dressed with traditional clothes. I naturally had to go through every picture and then give everyone the delight of seeing them as well.

These are my favourite looks but you can visit the hashtag #Heritageday and you’ll be able to see everyone including the adults.

1. Look at this little cutie! He is adorable and he really does look like a mini taxi driver but in the best way possible.

2. This little angel is dressed to the nines here and she knows it. That beadwork is sublime!

3. This little princess looks regal in her attire. I am envious of the fit and the colour. She is stunning.

4. Look at this beautiful child in her Swati attire. She is posing and giving us life. Very cute!

5. This little boy is wearing umblaselo like the captions says and he looking quite dapper

6. Another cute little boy and another adorable outfit! He has the sweetest smile!

7. I really love this whole look. She is looking stunning and I really want my own version of that skirt!

8. Another beautiful girl in a very gorgeous traditional attire. She looks great and that black compliments the beadwork so much, it really stands out

9. This beautiful girl looked stunning in her Sepedi clothing. She is so cute, I wish we could see kids dress like this all the time.

10. Would you look at that big smile? He is clearly having fun with this day! He looks so handsome.

You can see more of these looks online. I sincerely hope there will come a time when we all go back to dressing more culturally and not just for holidays and special occasions. There shouldn’t need to be a catalyst to embrace our identities.

I can’t wait to see more of these looks tomorrow.

What do you do for Heritage day? Do you wear clothes of your culture?

Thank you for reading!