Hardwork always pays off, have you seen the young handsome grade 12 who has too many certificates?

Rebaone More a young boy whose future is very bright for a start the young boy is only 17 years old and has such qualities and qualifications in his hands,with such he deserves the best university there is and a scholarship that would pay all that is needed in varsity. He has to go for the best degree there is to offer a degree that has has jobs on its rates it has to be a degree that lead South Africa to a level of greatness.

Most people with his qualifications would gamble with their future because their matric statement looks good on paper but a person has to study what he or she is happy about.in his hands he has his statement and some serious cute medas on his neck now this is a great achievement a child like that pleases all parents. He has certificates that are out of this world such an opportunity doesn’t just present itself you work for it and reap the rewards.To the class of 2021 go to school study your books do not be afraid of studying just because we in a pandemic, because regardless of that school is still going forward and there are rewards to be reaped afterwards. Through commitment and hard work all will work out.

Here are some few comments that poured in after the young 17 years old boy posted about his results on Instagram.