Get To know King Monada’s true identity, his real father

King Monada, who made the hit “Malwedhe,” keeps things hot in his kitchen and only makes hits for his fans. Some fans are still not sure who King Monada really is, who his real mother and father are, and so on. So, King Monada is not his real name; it’s just a stage name.





Monada’s real name is Khutso Steven Kgatla, and his father was Elvis Kgatla, who died after a long illness. Neither Papa Penny nor Patrice Motsepe is Monada’s father. He has two older brothers and two younger brothers and sisters, for a total of five.

Penny Fans are fooled by Penny’s claims that he is the father of well-known South African musicians. He is also said to have said that Casper Nyovest is his son, which led to the authorities getting involved. Sometimes Papa Penny’s jokes are too bad and can get you into big trouble.

Even though Penny just had her 25th child, she still wants more. He still thinks that his father, who had 68 kids, is better than him. It’s obvious that the man wants a lot more children. Papa Penny shouldn’t be believed when he says that he is the father of any musician. The guy just wants to have a lot more kids and/or be linked to well-known people and good names.