Female musician left fans after putting herself in a coffin in new song

A coffin, also known as a casket, is a funerary container used to display and hold the remains of the deceased for burial or cremation. Any container used to bury the dead can be used as a coffin; these containers are typically employed to safeguard and help preserve a body



The well-known Kalenjin performer Smart lady, also known by her stage name Smart lady, has become the talk of the town after including an expensive coffin in her latest song, which had everyone’s tongues wagging.

The talented singer sings for her abusive husband in the new song “Rono,” reminding him of their progress as a couple despite obstacles in their marriage. She poses as death in a coffin to demonstrate how crazy love can end relationships and marriages in an effort to inform other couples.

Some of her fans, who took offense at her action, did not take well to this. The majority of her fans don’t think it’s acceptable to put oneself in a coffin, despite Smart Lady’s best efforts to convey a message to them.