Even Celebrities Will Not Be Allowed To Attend Shona Ferguson’s Funeral On Wednesday

Its been more than three days since the world was made aware of the passing of the TV legend, Shona Ferguson who died on Friday afternoon from Covid 19 related complications.

Many people have shared their words of comfort to the family, especially to his wife, Connie Ferguson. Today the family released a statement about the details of the funeral for Shona. What the statement said is that Shona Ferguson will be laid to rest on Wednesday, the 4th of August. His funeral will also only be attended by his family only. This means that his friends and colleagues and other fellow celebrities will not be able to attend the funeral because the family has clearly stated that only his family is to be allowed to attend the funeral.

However, there will be a memorial service for him but it will follow after the funeral and after everything has kind of settled down. More details they said will follow soon. Below is a statement that the family released. May his soul continue to rest in eternal peace.