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Real Housewives of Durban cast member, Durban businesswoman and widow of gospel great Ayanda Ncwane is constantly making headlines for her snazzy fashion moments.






Ayanda Ncwane Falls In Love With Nonku Williams Daughter

She held a powerful grip on the attention of viewers as the wife of a famous musician, as well as for her storyline of meeting his apparently estranged daughter.

Early in 2020, Ayanda and Nothile Williams, daughter of RHOD’s Nonku Williams met for the first time supposedly, on camera.

Ayanda shared how she would visit the grave of Sfiso Ncwane with her two boys begotten in their marriage. His daughter, Nothile was never part of these family traditions because her father failed to introduce her to his marriage family.

This raises questions about whether or not Sfiso paid any sort of paternal maintenance for his daughter, when she couldn’t even attend his funeral.

Nonku shared the sad story of how she watched her ex-boyfriend’s funeral in secret.

It begs the question of how Sfiso handled the birth of Nothile – if he truly loved her he would have legitimized her by introducing her to his wife and including her in her everyday life.

While Ayanda likes to appear godly and gracious, she has been really catty to Nonku, in my opinion. She made jokes behind her back with her gay friend.

Ayanda has successfully portrayed this image of accepting her stepdaughter with love and open arms, but we all know children need more than that to raise.

Ayanda has never mentioned any financial assistance she gives to Nothile, as the offspring of Sfiso. This is private and confidential, of course, but it appears as though everyone is working very hard not to bring it up.

Ayanda said on the show that she wanted to meet the estranged Nothile in order to sit down and tell her about the real man her father was, not the image portrayed in the newspapers.

Meaning that Sfiso really made no effort to connect with his daughter, yet everyone still paints him as a saint.

If Sfiso was paying maintenance to Nonku, his daughter would at least have an idea of what kind of man he was. But she seems lost to the Ncwane family.

Hopefully Ayanda knows that Nothile is entitled to just as much of her father’s wealth as the two sons. I believe if Ayanda had good intentions for Nothile she would want the world to know them.