Cute floral nail Art Designs for 2019

The flower power has always reigned the fashion industry and we can hardly imagine a single season without those pretty floral patterns adorning our pieces of clothing, accessories and, why not, nails! I’m not a fan of floral patterns or probably even any flowers on fabrics – but when it comes to nails I seem to break even my own rules. Floral nail art designs are utterly feminine and romantic, girly and innocent, and always a good idea no matter what occasion you are getting ready for or what time of the year you prefer to wear it. The best thing about floral nail art is versatility as there is a great variety in flowers in nature and any of them can be used for creating art on your nails. Your fingerprints can be blooming roses or cherry blossoms depending on your mood and the outfits they are going to complement. Also, there is the option of mixing and matching of colors, which can help you create the most beautiful floral nail art designs.