Congratulations To Zahara Though Many Are Accusing Her Of The Unthinkable

Zahara has ventured into business and fans are so happy it has everything to do with her being also because that she has a huge afro and has had it since the beginning of her career. Which means she has been taking care of it well.

She just introduced us to her new baby her afro hair treatment products named after her Zahara country girl. Introducing the country girl haircare range!!! Can’t wait to share more details with you soon

However, although fans are happy for her they also want to know about the ownership of the products because they do not want another Bonang alleged ownership scandal. But the biggest issue is how she overly sexualized everything in the description of hair products like deep penetration.

Although some of us will disagree with the tlof tlof part here’s what these fans said

I quote the sexual innuendo here is not good for your brand’s image, consider changing this.

Anyway, I wish you success Spinach and another one said I also I quote I just saw deep penetration….. I’m is not sure about this choice of words! (or maybe I need deliverance??)

In the natural hair community, words have meaning (e.g deep conditioning vs conditioning).




I am rooting for you and this business. Looking forward to trying the products, She added.

What Zahara just did has also encouraged our youth to have faith and follow their dreams. As South Africans, we should support our young entrepreneurs and give them some courage so that they can continue and not give up selling their products.

We should support our local business and buy their products from them. Zahara’s hair product working and we should all try it. It can be the best product and help you grow your hair very fast. It keeps your hair shining and moisturized all day.

Our black sisters are working on their careers to make them successful in life so we should support them. Instead of discouraging them by commenting on bad things we can all be supportive and positive with them. Let’s all try Zahara’s hair product and see what’s more. As South African residents we are proud of her and wish her all the best with her business.

Do you also believe that Zahara’s products have a bedroom thrust in them or the tweets are just tlof tlof minded? Do let us know in the comments section down below