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Checkout Asante’s facial expressions that she makes her father Murdah Bongz.

Children will leave you in stitches with their facial expressions. That’s why most of them are memes. Their are mood for days. It’s like God knew it when he blessed us with them. Our lives have been more busier than before with them. It’s every parent’s wish to see their child happy.





Baby Asante has to be the cutest baby ever. She’s the daughter of DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz. She’s barely a year old and already she has a huge fan base. She’s always leaving her fans in stitches whenever she’s with her father.

Her mother is still in Paris but she’s having the time of her life with her father. She has her own Instagram account where they share her moments. They posted some of her hilarious pictures serving her father with looks. Her fans couldn’t stop laughing at how she was. They are definitely going to make memes with her pictures.

Remember GC (Khaya Dladla) From Uzalo?? Here Are Khaya’s Beautiful Pictures.

Khaya Dladla, is a South African actor, model and musician. He is best known for the role “GC” in the television soapie Uzalo.

We used to see him on our screens on the SABC1 soapie opera Uzalo where she portrayed or played the role of GC who was a fashion killer and worked at the salon. He had a best friend called Thobile. The two got along very well and were always supporting each other. GC failed to speak proper English and her broken English made so many people laugh and love her more.



He was born on 3 April in the year 1990. He is 31 years old and will be turning 32 in April this year.

He is in a relationship with Mercutio Buthelezi and the two are both happy in their relationship.

His net worth is estimated around $400 000 which is money she made from his acting career. Khaya is really good at what is does and makes sure he is always giving his best.

Actor Khaya Dladla opens up about his mother’s health struggles

“A many individuals have close to zero insight into my own life. I lost my father doing my last year in varsity and I was left with only this lady who gave me life,” he composed.



“Last year this time I lost my uncle and around the same time my mother was gone after by a stroke that removed her discourse and portability (couldn’t talk or walk) and I was ready to do and pay any add up to see her benefit her ordinary life once more.”

This is the point at which he understood who his genuine loved ones were.

“That is the point at which my genuine loved ones showed who they were on the grounds that individuals won’t ever focus on you or your friends and family more than you. I was left with around five individuals in my day to day existence who might ask what’s going on with she? What is it that she want? What might they do?”

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Rather than being offered assistance, individuals were asking him for monetary help.

“Rather individuals around me were requesting help from me I actually helped while forfeiting my own requirements. From cash to anything that they needed or required,” he says.

“God has been astonishing with gift me with my sister Khanyi Dladla and a sibling Mfundo who have been there all through our excursion of assisting this astounding lady with recovering her solidarity. Not failing to remember her full-time nurture Bonny Mweni and every one of the specialists who play had an essential impact today for my sovereign to walk and talk once more.”

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Khaya says his mom is recuperating great and he is thankful.

“We actually have quite far to go yet it’s just the pushing ahead I’m keen on. God favor your hearts and hands for how you have helped my sovereign and one day I will actually want to thank every one of you appropriately,” he says.

“To each client I am ready to receipt, you likewise assumed a crucial part and putting resources into what I do on the grounds that that additionally monetarily helped the excursion. So don’t stop as you are essential for the master plan. Ngiyabonga.”

Khaya shared a useful tidbits to those going through difficult stretches.

“To you going through exactly the same thing or some other hardships throughout everyday life, recall that God is there, and everything good or bad must come to an end. I simply needed to leave this here as it would help another person not to surrender or like individuals who are your steady support while strolling any excursion turns out to be excessively. Love and light to you and your friends and family.

Cassper Nyovest seems unmoved by the AKA drama: ‘I was offered a job, and I got paid what I wanted.’

On Monday, AKA turned to social media to disclose legal documents as well as a judgement from the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa, which stated that a cooperation agreement between him and Makhuducom Media was genuine. Tweeps have been ridiculing rapper Cassper, who hosted the show’s second season, in the aftermath of the announcement. The rapper added in another post that he liked the money he made from the Cape Town event, with his friends implying that there would be no “bring back the money” that would happen.

“Da Zaak ke Bethile ko Cape Town Le Manyora aka moante byang!” “Da Zaak ke Bethile ko Cape Town Le Manyora aka moante byang!” mann, re jele bliss! “Ke ja Zaka ya mfana,” says the narrator. AKA revealed his future plans in a statement he posted on social media. He stated that he was preparing himself to receive what was due to him once the ownership dispute was resolved. “Now that the arbitration proceedings have determined that I own half of The Braai Show with finality, I will be pursuing what is rightly mine against those who seek to abuse and destroy my creativity and intellectual property,” AKA added.

More drama| Slik talk calls Pearl Thusi acting skills horrible

The recent video of Pearl Thusi and Big Zulu has got many people talking on social media a dove of the people who gave been causing a lot of drama is the Youtuber Slik talk, who start to tell the country about how he feels about Thusi who has been trying to be polite about this issue.


According to Slik, Thusi was just seeking attention after seeing Bonang making all-around last week, and this time he believes that Thusi must focus on her career than causing drama on social media, but Slik was too personal after saying that Thusi’s acting career is horrible.

People are waiting to hear the Thusi side of the story because she won’t let the guy insult her like this in public.

Maybe things are nice if both Zulu and Thusi make this relationship official so that they fan disappoint the people who were mocking them.