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Cassper To Help AKA Fill Up The Dome Things just got heated

Cassper also reckons that after the match AKA will continue to run his mouth but believing that he will win, he says that it will be a lesson to AKA that he is not as tough as he thinks he is.

“He probably won’t stop talking shit but he will always be reminded that he aint the tough guy he claim he is. It will be well documented,” he proclaimed.

Cass was called out for provoking a quiet AKA but he has remained stuck to his beliefs that a boxing match will put an end to their beef. A tweep called him out for wanting to settle their differences in the ring, but Cassper said he can’t be a millionaire who is fighting in the streets like “some hooligan.”

“That’s not good for the money papa. I got contracts with very big brands who don’t wanna associate themselves with that kind of behavior. I AM A WHOLE IDOL! What am I doing fighting like a hooligan in the street. A whole Cassper Nyovest saying “after school is after school”. NAH!”The two successful rapper’s feud will not die down, not even in 20 years. This after Somizi asked Cassper on his cooking show Dinner At Somizi’s, if he and AKA would ever work together even in 20 years to come. In response to that, Cass said it will never happen but he wants to knock him out.

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“Nah that is never gonna happen, when it comes to AKA I know him, he was my friend me and him could never be buddies and if I cant gel with you from that level then I can’t make music with you, I see myself getting in the ring and knocking him out,” he responded.

Cass also believes that he is the reason AKA is hard at work, saying it’s all thanks to their beef as AKA is forced to work twice as hard due to their competition.

Ntando Duma Teaches Her Gran How To Dance To Master KG’s Jerusalema Gogo has got the moves

Media personality Ntando Duma has taken it upon herself to make sure her grandmother is ready for the Heritage Day to take part in the

The actress has already begun teaching her grandmother some critical steps for the dance. Read more: Ntando Duma Teaches Sbahle About Positive Affirmations

On Saturday, Ntando shared a video that showed her teaching her gran some interesting moves and her gran was totally up for the challenge as they dance along to the hit song.

“Here’s something to cheer you up on a Saturday afternoon,” captioned Ntando

The video has been viewed 288 013 times on Instagram and her comment section was filled people praising Gogo for her moves and for being such a good team player.South Africans are currently gearing up to take part in the Jerusalem challenge on Heritage Day following President Cyril Ramaphosa calling on everyone to participate in the #JerusalemaChallenge.

South African’s have been participating in the infectious challenge that has taken the world by storm and now some people are already practising the steps of the dance challenge, following the president’s orders.

President Cyril Ramphosa during his last national address on September 16 gave Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode’s hit song Jerusalem his stamp of approval.

The song has become a global sensation even sparking a phenomenal global dance frenzy with many people across the globe participating on the #JerusalemaChallenge by sharing beautiful videos of them dancing to the song.

“There can be no better way to celebrate of our South African-ness than joining the global phenomenon that is spreading across the world and that is the Jerusalem dance challenge. The Jerusalem song that I love so much So I urge all of you to take up this challenge on Heritage Day and show the world what we are capable of our performers have demonstrated to the world that we’ve got good music and good dance and good move, so quietly let’s celebrate our heritage,” said the president.The hit song has reached several milestones besides connecting the world together through good music and dance. The song has passed 100 million views on YouTube and now it is sitting on 145 860 908 views. Shazaam has confirmed that “Jerusalema” is the biggest record in the world, with Master KG being the most-Shazamed in South Africa, Nigeria, France, Italy and Zambia.

The song has been certified platinum in Italy and has been shared all over the world by numerous people and personalities such as Ronaldo and Janet Jackson.

Image credit: Instagram @dumantando

Prince Kaybee under fire after bragging about dropping out of school

Prince KaybeeAward-winning musician Prince Kaybee has deflected hate about not passing grade 11, after he was accused of using it as a badge of honour.The star is no stranger to haters coming at him, and this week faced criticism from controversial Twitter account Tracy Zille for “bragging about being a grade 11 drop out”.

While Kaybee is known for his spicy clap backs, he let this one slide and asked if the criticism was the reason he was trending on Twitter.

“Oh this is why I was trending yesterday? Ai that picture looks good damnit,” said Prince Kaybee.
In an interview on Metro FM a few years ago, the star opened up about not finishing high school. He explained that he dropped out of high school in grade 11 because his mother couldn’t afford schools fees and life wasn’t going his way.Image

“I had to leave (home) after dropping out in grade 11. I was very rebellious and my mom couldn’t afford my fees at the same time. I got a girl pregnant the same year. Everything was happening. Everything was a mess.”

The Best Replacement For Fundiswa In Imbewu Is Not Brenda:Here Is Why

The Best replacement for Fundiswa in Imbewu is Not Brenda: Here Is WhyBest replacement for Fundiswa

Former The Queen and Generations The Legacy actress; Brenda Mhlongo will replace Fundiswa Zwane as Imbewu’s Ka-Madonsela from next Monday.

While I have nothing against Brenda Mhlongo as an actress or a woman, I don’t think she has what it takes to embody the role of Ka-Mandonsela. I’ve seen Mhlongo on The Queen and Generations The Legacy and I doubt she will make the cut.

Firstly her body physique and her facial bone structure don’t come across or give off an earthy and cultural woman/Mama that Fundiswa embodied. Secondly, she may not be the perfect fit because Ka-Madonsela’s role was meant for Fundiswa. It will take time for her character to fall into place and usually re-casts flop because audiences aren’t very receptive of drastic change.

The only actress who can has the ability to personify off Ka-Mandosela’s part is Uzalo’s Gugu Gumede who plays Mamlambo. The actresses literally look like sisters, they dress the same, speak the same and their characters on both shows are similar, it is actually disturbingly identical.

In fact, all that the casting director had to do to solve this problem is to swap the actresses, and we wouldn’t even notice since Mbewu The Seed and Uzalo were both created by Duma Ndlovu.

According to a report the actress has been fired by producers after her management team demanded that she get a raise. The publication also alleges the actress will be replaced by Brenda Mhlongo.

In a statement, previously confirmed Fundiswa’s departure but refused to disclose any further details.

“Fundi’s last appearance in the current storyline will be aired on 29 July 2020. Since the show’s inception in 2018, Fundi has been a tremendous pleasure to watch. She brilliantly epitomized the role of Ka-Madonsela, a wife whose roots are deeply set in her culture and heritage,” the statement read.Best replacement for Fundiswa

5th birthday to Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali’s youngest sons, Asante

Estranged spouses Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee celebrated their son, Asante’s 5th birthday.

The two’s marriage might not have worked out well, but they pretty much agree on anything concerning their sonBlack Coffee And Ex WifeBlack Coffee took to social media to celebrate Asante’s birthday by sharing a sweet video of him when he was 4 years old.

“Asante at 4 cheering for his older brother telling him he can do it. Yup that’s a soul that he is, loving and super supportive.”

The renowned DJ also spoke blessings upon his son

“He’s also our smile keeper and the life of our little parties. The world awaits your greatness, little King. Love you to the moon and beyond. Happy 5th Birthday boy.”to wish Asante a happy birthday.

The proud mom also revealed that before he was born, his chances of making it out alive were slim, for unknown reasons, however he fought his way through to the world

To my cheppies (those who know know) …. my bodyguard… you were never meant to make it to this world”, she expressed. “But Miracles happen and you remind me of that daily. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, God is Truly with you.”While the couple never revealed what led to their ultimate breakup, Enhle Mbali revealed that that there was some cheating at some point in their relationship.