Busiswa enjoys her personalized Moet champagne by the pool.

Busiswa is one of the celebrities who has suffered body shaming before. She has been in the industry for years now and revealed that she was not put on magazine covers because she didn’t fit their image. Being thick has always been a problem in society. Thick women are always judged for their weight.

The singer is known for her Kalawa Chikita phrase and the hit songs she had made. She has been featured by Beyonce in two of her movies. The recent one being Black is King. She has released a new single with Kamo Mphela, titled SBWL.

Today is world champagne day and the singer joined her fellow celebrities and had a champagne. Busiswa has been serving body goals recently. Her champagne day was by the pool in a beautiful bikini, serving goals. Everyone can admit that she has been on a different level of her own with her amazing body.