AKA spends time with his mother and daughter, Kairo.

We have all be witness to how much a father’s love means a lot to a child. Many people have wondered throughout their lives searching for it but never came across. While those that get It, reach higher heights in life. A parent’s love lifts your mood even in your darkest moments.





Kairo is a certified daddy’s girl. Her and her father AKA always have some of the coolest moments ever. If it’s one the Supa Mega does is shower his little princess with love. Kairo a happy child, who has everything. She’s amongst some of the smartest celeb tots in the industry.

Her glammy Lynn Forbes shared picture of the daddy-daughter duo looking amazing. She is sitting on his lap with a swimming custom on. The Forbes family has been spending their time with family members recently. Which is a good thing. Family comes first before anything. Kairo and her dad have fans gushing over them.