AKA ex DJ Zinhle alongside her daughter Kairo made an exquisite fashion statement

ladies in a male dominated industry in South Africa.

She has several chart topping singles under her belt that are still a force not to be reckoned on mainstream media such as radio.



Zinhle has been in the music industry for quite a while now and over the years she has managed to reinvent her craft and evolve into something more than just a DJ in show business.

She is a pop culture phenomenon whose sense of style is elegantly sophisticated and a good eye for fashion.

Zinhle is undeniably a fashionista who dresses for the occasion and makes killer fashion statements.

DJ Zinhle is well known for her relationship with AKA an award winning rapper once upon a time and together they have a daughter called Kairo Forbes.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in an exquisitely beautiful designer outfit alongside Kairo , Zinhle made a dashing fashion statement with the trendy look .

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