SA Express: We have not received a business rescue application, and we’ll oppose it if we do

SA Express says it would oppose an application by a former supplier to have it placed under business rescue.

On Friday Daily Maverick reported that Ziegler SA – a transport and logistics service provider – lodged an urgent application at the Johannesburg High Court as a means to recover about R11.3m in debt the state-owned airline allegedly owes it.

In an emailed response to Fin24, SA Express spokesperson Mpho Majatladi said she had not yet received notice of a court application to have the airline placed under business rescue.

Fin24 reached out to Ziegler SA for comment via email, but has not yet received a response.

Majatladi said that if a court application was indeed made by Ziegler SA, then it may be “under malicious intent” as the supplier had been identified as “one who seeks benefits from irregular contracting”.

“This supplier is one of many who are currently under internal review for serious abuse of the procurement system, unfair pricing and overcharging,” Majatladi said.

According to Majatladi, suppliers who obtained their contracts legitimately worked with the airline to ensure payments are reasonable for both parties. However those with “dubious contracts” were constantly trying to “bulldoze” to get their way before the conclusion of irregular contract investigations.

“Actions like these, from such suppliers also undermine the efforts made by SA Express to recover and rebuild governance within the business that has been crushed by corruption, as well as the reputation that the airline is working tirelessly to rebuild,” she said.