Woman loses her leg in crash after blind date drives drunk, then he forces her to marry him to avoid jail – here’s how spousal privilege works in SA

weddingA woman who lost a leg when her blind date crashed his car says he is trying to force her to marry him by withholding cash for her medical bills so that as her husband he would escape prosecution.
The 28-year-old woman woke up in hospital with her right leg already amputated and her left leg severed shattered following the crash in the early hours of 12 October last year.

It happened just hours after Ms Ma, a Chinese woman, went on an arranged date with a suitor only known as Zhang, who reportedly took her car keys and insisted on driving her home in his car despite being intoxicated.

He crashed into traffic barriers in the middle of the road and flipped his car onto its roof. Both Ma’s legs broke in the process