Soweto Wedding Fashion 2020

Oh yes, our neighbours, friends, and family helped with different aspects of the wedding from helping to clean the yard before and after, washing the pots afterward, donations of scones and biscuits & design and printing of programmes and welcome signs, pickups and drop offs, etcMarriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready?
My husband and I have always been quite serious and close from early days so I’ve been ready from the time he told me he would one day marry me a few months after dating.The Suppliers
A friend of mine does events planning so I consulted with her once we starting planning for our first wedding, on our second one she was a coordinator and we used Langa Events. I told her what I wanted and we both searched for different suppliers through social networks and people she has worked with before etc. I would also screenshot ideas and send to her.