Outstanding Havana Twist for African woman 2019

Havana twist is trending African American hairstyle that is recently featured by some very popular celebrities on the screen. Some popular media faces like Beyoncé Cole and many others have done this hairstyle. You can have this look from the combination of different twist and turns of hair design. By the sound, the name seems very romantic and if you have heard about this for the first time then you may have wondered. Don’t think it’s some kind of peculiar design, under the Google search engine you can find many Havana twist design, you may find it different because you are not yet part of this design. You can make the twist for both thick and thin hair, regardless of its size the design is more flexible for long hair and in short hair too. The Havana twist braids are trending in Pinterest and Instagram these days if you make closer look the curly hair are more popular in the web.